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Emergency Medical Technician

Mrs. Dawn Young, NREMTP

Mrs. Dawn Young, NREMTP



BPSTIL is offering the Emergency Medical Technician-Basic class.  The EMT-Basic is a key member of EMS system to provide pre-hospital care in emergency situations.  The EMT-Basic’s purpose is to get to the patient as quickly and safely as possible to provide emergency care on the scene, en route to the hospital, and at the hospital.  Students must be 17 years of age to take the course and have First Responder Certification as a prerequisite.  Once the student has sucessfully completed the EMT Basic course and met the testing requirements, the student is then eligible to take the National Registry Practical and Written Examinations.  Upon the successful completion of the National Registry Exam, the student may be employed as an EMT-Basic and pursue Paramedic and/or Firefighter training.  The EMT-Basic certification is required for employment with the fire department.  EMT’s are also employed by private ambulance services, hospitals, etc.  Physician’s assistants are also required to become EMT’s.  Anyone with an interest in medicine would benefit from this training.

BPCC offers a Paramedic training curriculum.  To enter this training, one must have EMT certification.  BPTS and BPCC have entered an agreement that upon completion of 12 semester hours of college work at BPCC, 8 hours of college credit will be awarded to students who have EMT National Registry Certification.

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